Pitching Rules

There are 2 main Pitching Restrictions in the Traditional Medium Pitch Style (10 Man) vs. Sling Shot (9 Man).

  1. The Ball being outside of the wrist (palm facing away from body)
  2. Height of the backswing.

Yes there are other nuances about the feet, hip shoulders and elbow. But trust me, if you just focus on keeping the ball from being outside the wrist and limiting the height of the backswing you will be playing the Traditional Medium pitch style of softball.

There are several Pitching Variations (styles) of Traditional Medium Pitch (I have grouped them as follows):

  1. Classic
  2. Figure 8
  3. High Nooner
  4. Angled Arm
  5. Shoulder Abductor

Videos of these styles are available for viewing on our YouTube channel (10manmodified) or in the Pitching Rules tab. Over time we will add additional videos.

We will also mention the other pitching rule nuances but if your desire is to follow the Traditional Medium Pitch style,  focus on the wrist and height of backswing and you will eliminate most of the illegal issues.