Is there a restriction on the distance of the ball from body?

There is no ASA restriction on the distance that the ball can be from the body on release. But we can run into some issues here. In this picture below, the ball is about a foot away from the body. However, the ball is actually inside the wrist (palm is facing the body), elbow locked and is 100% legal in 10-Man. Focus on the ball in relation to the hand.The image below is 100% legal because the palm is clearly facing the body.

Distance restriction

However, in my experience the following set of images gives umpires fits.  The arm is angled away from the body on release. But the palm is NOT palm facing away from the body? Therefore the ball is NOT outside the wrist and is 100% legal. Notice that the pitcher never goes above a 90 degree (hip-shoulder-ball), the elbow is locked on release and the hips and shoulders square, smooth follow through. A thing of beauty.

Manny1 Manny2 Manny3 Manny4

Another issue that is occurring is that some pitchers hold the ball off center. This gives the appearance that the ball is outside the wrist (technically it is). But the palm never faces away from the body. So it is 100% legal.