Hazleton West wins 2015 10 Man “C” Invitational

19 teams competed in this years tournament at the Drifton Pa complex (click Read More to view full results). Hazleton West (Hazleton Pa) defeated Hot off the Coals (Greensboro Md) 11-8 in the What If game at the Drifton Pa complex. Hazleton was undefeated and had to face a tough Hot off the Coals team (last years champion) who just defeated Ocean NC. Hot off the Coals defeated Hazleton 11 – 9 to force the “What If” game. Hazleton displayed a lot of power and speed defeating Hot off the Coals 11 – 9 to take the title.

Hazleton West – 1st Place


2nd Place – Hot off the Coals (Greensboro Md)


Ocean NC – 3rd place

Links Lawncare – 4th place – Binghampton NY

Hitmen (Lancaster Pa), Doug’s Tire, Greensboro MD – 5th Place

Completed Bracket Results