10 Man Invitationals

Those of you that have been to the Drifton Pa. Complex know that it is one of the best Softball complexes in the area. Four lighted fields with a Press box/snack area and now rooms for tournament officials/umpires in the center are just a few of the features.

For the past 20 years or so, the ASA of Pa has run an Invitational Tournament over the labor day weekend at this complex. It is considered one of the best Modified Tournaments in the country. There is usually a waiting list for entry into the tournament with over 40 teams participating each year. The reason it was so successful is that the pitching rules were strictly enforced. We understand that in the past few years this was not the case and as a result the participation has waned to only 24 teams.

In 2013, we turned things around. Ask any of the 36 teams that participated over Labor Day weekend and the 17 teams that participated the following weekend if we were successful. I am sure you will get a resounding YES. In 2014 there were 34 and 18 teams respectively. We will see what 2016 brings

The true Modified pitching rules will be strictly enforced. Please read the section on pitching rules so you understand what is allowed and what is not allowed.  Two Tournaments will be held as shown below.

2016 – 10 Man Modified Invitational Tournaments (go to paasa.org for more info)

  • September 3th – 5th – 10 Man Modified B (Must be ASA) Contact Bill Robison billrobison@earthlink.net
  • September 10th – 12th –  10 Man Modified C – all ASA teams that are classed below B level are allowed to enter. Contact Terry McGallicher tmcgal52@gmail.com